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Divergence Marketing Solutions

A logo design created for a local Pittsburgh startup specializing in digital marketing. The client was looking for a professional, trendy logo with a clean, simple design. Ideally, they wanted the design to be hip and creative, but not in an over-the-top way that might put off more conservative clients. The logo was requested for business cards and web.


Images here include my tablet notes from meeting with the client, mood board inspiration, ad various design iterations from my process. The client was uncertain about what he wanted, so I asked various questions about color, font, iconography, and layout, showing examples from Google Fonts, Behance and Dribbble. We managed to narrow down the key design points to dark blue and metallic colors,  clean lines, a circular layout, no major icons, and a modern (but not too quirky) font, with some kind of creative flair.


 I came up with three different logos, creating my own font in the Sketch App and experimenting with arrows to represent the concept of 'divergence.' Several conservative color options were included as well. Images here show the final version on business cards, website and social media.