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Book Sale Poster

A poster design for a local used books and records store in Pittsburgh. Amazing Books & Records closed their South Side location in May of 2018 and held a sale to move the last of their products in the store. Rather than having the event feel depressing, the client wanted to go out in a 'Blaze of Glory' and requested a 60's rock album theme with a fun, colorful vibe.

Initially, I pieced together a mood board with 60's rock posters from Bon Jovi and Jefferson Airplane. The client specifically requested imagery of records and a book with wings, and I also included daffodils with sunny color to match the fiery theme. Next, I made a rough sketch on my tablet. I imagined a book rising from the flames like a phoenix, with a heart in the center of its pages to represent the spirit of the store. Daffodils were drawn below, as if trumpeting in celebration. Before illustrating the final outline, I created basic reference shapes in Sketch for precision and symmetry. Flat colors and a purple outline were used similar to the style of 60's posters. In the last edits, the gory anatomical heart was swapped for a gentler symbolic one to appeal to all age groups and sensibilities.

Finally, the layers of the poster were prepared in Illustrator for printing, and displayed in the store windows of their three locations, South Side, Squirrel Hill and the Cultural District. 8.5x11'' flyers were also distributed throughout the city and shared on social media. Overall, the owner was pleased with the design and continued to use it as the header on the store's Facebook page.