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Burning Bridges Comedy Club

Poster design for the Burning Bridges Comedy Club at Hambone's pub in Pittsburgh, PA. The client requested a special design to commemorate the opening of the club and advertise their celebrity guest performers in October 2018.


Copy, logos and optional photos were provided for the poster design. Other than that, the project was open-ended. Flyers for stand-up shows often have a heavy, 'hardcore' punk style. I wanted to break away from this with light, refreshing colors to stand out from the pack. My mood board included inspiration from Mister Rogers, drawing on the brightly colored miniature town and 70's style font. For the illustration I incorporated the Burning Bridges logo as the focal point, keeping other areas with text relatively simple. I also experimented with various color combinations to highlight the logo best.


After the client's approval, the poster was displayed at Hambone's and shared on social media.