About ME

I am a freelance illustrator by night and graphic designer by day at Pittsburgh City Paper. In my spare time I enjoy long naps, extra garlic and performing improv comedy.

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Client List:

- Pittsburgh City Paper

- Arcade Comedy Theater

- Amazing Books & Records

- Uncumber Theatrics

- AIGA Pittsburgh

- The Shop - Homewood

- Emily Bezak Marketing

- Dementia By Day

Hidden Talents:

- Japanese Fluency (JLPT N2 certified)

- Comedy Writer & Performer at Arcade Comedy Theater, 2016 - Present

Honors & Awards for Research on Japanese Painting Materials:

- Brackenridge Research Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2010 & 2011

- Colloquium Speaker for 'The Third Workshop on the Encounters of Young Scholars on Asian Studies,' Kobe University, 2011​

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